Sunday, March 13, 2011

KR2S VHF COM Antenna

Radio antennas in wood or composite aircraft can be easily installed internally as follows
Here I am cutting copper tape from a kit from RST in the states. I think I have enough for a hundred more tries. I will have one element up the vertical tail fin and the down element bonded to a stick of balsa and mounted in the tail structure,

This is the upper element in place. I will later cover it with a thin strip of FG tape.

Ferrite toroids in place following Jim Weir's instructions. Apparently the first blocks 90% of reflected power, the second 90% of the remainder and the third 90% again. Theoretically 99.9% blocking ... close enough for KR work =)

This shot shows both elements in place.

Cable end preparation tidied up. I put another layer of heat-shrink over the toroids after this shot was taken.

All done.

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