Sunday, March 13, 2011

KR2S Prop Clearance

Here is my Propeller clearance check ... this shot with the NLG tyre deflated and showing a healthy 7" clearance.

FAR Part23 section 23.925 states that “There must be a clearance of at least seven inches (for each airplane with nose wheel landing gear) … between each propeller and the ground with landing gear statically deflected and in the level takeoff, or taxiing attitude, whichever is most critical.” I have 9.5" so I think I'm sweet.
FAR 23 goes on to say “In addition, there must be positive clearance between the propeller and the ground when in the level takeoff attitude with the critical [tire(s)] completely deflated and the corresponding landing gear strut bottomed.” Positive clearance ... I still have 7" with the NLG tyre completely deflated so I'm sure this passes.

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