Sunday, September 13, 2009

KR2S Instrument Panel 01

Here is my journey to work out the instrument panel layout. KR-2 has limited panel space so the options are to fill the entire panel with conventional "steam" gauges or go electronic and get a MFD. I chose the second because I wanted a neater setup and some well needed storage space.

This is some early work the previous owner did on the panel.

As you can imagine, slip a transponder, some switches, circuit breakers and lights and there isn't space for much else. Adding weight to my decision was that only a couple of the gauges you see here came with the panel. Time to modernise.
This is the first attempt at an instrument panel. Grabbed some cheap ply and started cutting. Whatever didn't look much like instrument panel went in the scrap bin.

First attempt is a little squeezy.
Second attempt a little better after chopping the sides out a bit.

A friend challenged me to think asymmetric. I'm 5'8" but If i were to take a taller passenger they would need more knee room. So after a little more trimming the final shape is this.

Starting to lay out components leaving sufficient room for a generous Glove box/map locker.

Components from Top L to Btm R are:

  • ASX-2 combined ASI/Alt as a backup.

  • Daynon D-180 EFIS and Engine monitor

  • Master Warning Lamp

  • Flightcom LSA (2 place) intercom

  • Microair 760 Com

  • Transponder (TBD)

  • GPS moving map (initially a PDA running OziExplorer later a 7" LCD running off a laptop)

  • Glovebox with power and computer connections inside

  • Air vent

  • Start Master/Start switch

  • 13 toggle switches with polyfuse protection and dual color LEDs to show normal or fail modes

  • Carby Heat

  • Throttle

  • Mixture

  • (passenger side has an air vent, 12v outlet and an audio input jack wired to the intercom.

Here it is with real or simulated components in it. Ill play around with the placement a little before I cut the real thing. Actually went with the 2.25" ASX-1 as the digits are only 1mm shorter than the ASX-2.
And a little more mockup work
Suggestions anybody???

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Anonymous said...

I like your panel layout; similar to what I would like to do. Steam gauges are a thing of the past. This also allows for a large compartment to aid with CG issues. Looking good. Roger - Oklahoma