Wednesday, July 2, 2008

KR2S Fuel Tanks

This set of photos were taken while the wing tanks were being build by the previous owner. Once again a great job.

This first photo shows the left wing inverted with the raw foam on the upper wing surface and some of the foam ribs.

Here is another angle of the early foam work. You can see tubes used to join the two cells together. The lower on in this photo is actually the upper one once the wing is upright. It allows air to move freely. Later the lower ones were replaced with simple cutouts. In this shot the ribs are still the full height of the spars. they will need to be lowered to allow room for the foam and glass lower skin.

This shows the rib dropped to the correct depth, those tubes are now in the way and will be removed. You can see a ledge has been built to support the lower skin along the spar.

I think this one shows the foam glassed over. Note the tubes have been removed and passages allow fuel to move between bays at any angle of attack.

This is a shot looking outboard at the filler opening.

Another shot of the filler neck. Just in front of that is a pale looking spot. This is actually a small depression in the roof of the tank. After the tank is sealed a small vent tube will be inserted through the lower wing skin and sit up into this depression to act as the vent.

Fuel pickup in place. The first hole @ 51/4" is an earlier trial fit that didn't work too well.

This shot is looking inboard and aft in the wing tank after it had been placed upright You can see it has been fully sealed inside to prevent any chance of a leak. The pickup is temporarily plugged.
This shot shows access holes in the upper surface used to seal the tank. One of them will be used for a mechanical gauge, the other 2 sealed off.

This is the fuel gauge components. Simple and effective. I should be able to just look out over the wing and confirm what is on board. I intend to run an electronic fuel flow totaliser but it's always good to be able to physically see what you have on board. I believe with the 2 bays in both wings it should top out at about 140 litres (38gal).

Here is the gauge in position. I will fill around it when I finish the wing later.

This last shot puts it all into perspective. Filler on the outermost corner, 2 access panels filled and glassed.

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