Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KR2S Instrument Panel 03

Just thought I'd throw up the latest work on the instrument panel.

I have added the Dynon AP74 autopilot controller to the right of the 2 circular cutouts and an engraved switch decal. This decal I am very impressed with. I used the same drawing I used for the waterjet cutting of the panel so I knew the holes would line up.

Most of the switches are the standard ON-OFF type including:

  • Master (battery relay)

  • Emergency (battery relay)

  • Bus Tie (relay to tie the two batteries together for emergency start)

  • Avionics

  • Gen 1 and 2 (field) (only #1 operational at the moment)

  • Nav, Landing Instrument and interior lights

The next ones get a little tricky:

  • the "Primer" is momentary on for an electric prime solenoid

  • Fuel (pump) #1 and #2 are centre off, Up for main battery and down for emergency battery

The next 4 switches are clustered close to my right hand so I can get to them fast and without much movement of my right hand while flying with my left. During the more dangerous phases of flight I like to rest my right hand on the throttle which makes these switches very handy.

  • "Trim Isolate" and "AP isolate" switches remove all power from control surfaces.

  • "Trim" is a momentary switch right beside the throttle. I can operate it while controlling the throttle during landing.

  • "Flaps" is a momentary down / locking up type switch. I did the non-momentary up so I can dump the flaps if I need to go around (my flaps are split flaps and will be used mainly for drag).

The row of holes above the switched are for LEDs. The one above the avionics switch has the LED inserted.

Some will be Red warning lights like the starter engaged, alternator fail, bus tie, AP and Trim Isolate. Most of the others will be Green for normal operations.

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