Tuesday, July 21, 2009

KR2S Flaps 02

Since last post I have filled in the last couple of panels into the flap skeleton. You can see where I had to thin the outer panel to clear the bell-crank (which it does by a millimeter or 2) The recess for the hinge spar is also cut.

Here I am preparing the hinge and spar with captive nuts. The nuts are bonded onto the spar and a small pin driven into the spar ensures they do not rotate.

In this one I have cut reliefs for the captive nuts. I protected the back of the nuts with a little sealer to stop the flox from getting inside. I will be cutting away most of the triangular portion of the ribs to lighten them up. they were there to ensure the flap was mounted accurately.

Hinge mounted to wing with packing to allow for the final thickness of glass. I am going to apply 2 layers of bid over the flap surface and wrap it around the hinge spar to ensure a strong mounting for the hinge.

The hinge spar floxed into place.

Ah ... success. Once set and cleaned up the flap was an almost perfect fit. Here it is set up to simulate the maximum deflection of 60 degrees.

Another view of that 60' down.

More soon.

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